Challenge from money stress

According to the survey of two famous magazines, we can know that in the 21st century, money causes certain pressure in their interpersonal relationships. On top of that, it seems that young people in relationships feel more financial pressure, regardless of their income. What’s more, most young people feel great pressure because of all kinds of debts in their lives, so they have to postpone major life events such as buying a house, getting married and having children.

There’s also a reason why modern young people are so stressed! One of the reasons is the high consumption in big cities, which causes young people to feel the pressure of money. Then the stagnant wages of young people are one of the reasons why they feel the pressure of money. The last but most important reason is that young people don’t manage their own finances or save money at all. They spend all their income every month, which leads to huge money pressure.

In my opinion, modern young people feel great money pressure because they have formed the habit of spending money in big cities. Not only that, but also many young people will even buy some luxury goods and use credit card, resulting in the inability to repay the credit card and feel huge financial pressure.

With money issues preventing them from taking the next step , young people in serious relationships are feeling a squeeze .The huge money pressure is undoubtedly a challenge for young people.

Finally, I want to give young people some advice on money. Money is a kind of tempting thing. It’s changeable and unprepared in life. Money is only material wealth. Human beings need not only material wealth, but also spiritual wealth. Money is a tempting thing. If you use it improperly, it will bring you unforeseen serious consequences.

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