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Personal Loans——Why did you apply for Personal Loans 2019 failure again?

1. The origin of personal loans

After the Second World War, Western countries introduced personal loans, also known as retail loans. After decades of development, they have become an important loan business. The main reasons for the rapid development of Western retail loans after the war were:

First, the competition between financial institutions became increasingly fierce, recognizing the importance of retail business.

Second, after the war, Western economic development was relatively stable, personal income increased, and people were happy to use loans. Consumption;

Third, a large number of various credit reporting agencies, so that banks can easily and quickly understand the credit status of borrowers.

2. What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a local currency or foreign currency loan provided by a lender (a general commercial bank) to a consumer or household for domestic consumption, production, etc., and provides interest on the loan, and provides the principal and principal. Purchase loans for self-use housing, consumption or small investment activities. The banks  provide different personal loans .

3. Reasons for loan failure

First of all, “insufficient qualifications” is the bank’s biggest excuse.

Those who refuse to apply for a loan are very painful. In fact, there are many reasons for the failure of the loan. The bank credit officer may not know the industry of the loan applicant. When applying for a loan, it may be that the bank’s credit limit is full, or the loan application amount is too small, and the loan officer does not want to do so. .

Second, there is no loan here, own loan office.Applying for a loan is like filling out a college entrance exam.

Dropping out of school does not mean that all schools have closed the school gate for you. Similarly, a bank loan failure does not mean that the bank has closed the door to you because a bank has many branches that have rejected you, and not necessarily other branches will reject you. The bank refuses you. This does not mean that other banks will reject you. Financial institutions refuse you, and other financial institutions may accept you.

Third, find out the real reason for the failure of the loan.

According to statistics, SMEs can achieve an average of more than 10 banks of successful financing. What individuals need to pay attention to when applying for a loan is that if there are multiple banks that point out the general problem of your loan being rejected, then this may be the real cause of the loan failure, and you need to make up for it. Timely trust the bank’s contacts.

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