What are the best small business loans?

The best small business loans means that the bank is issuing to small businesses,Furthermore, loans for the purpose of replenishing the liquidity of enterprises.And in order to other legally designated purposes.

The Best small business loans standards are critical:

First.  the number of employees is less than 10 million ;

Second.  the annual sales volume of enterprises is less than 10 million dollar;

Third, the standard of retail small enterprises is that the number of employees is less than 100;

Four,  the annual sales of enterprises is less than 10 million dollar;

The best small business loans:Application Conditions

It is in accordance with the national industry and industry policies,

It is not a small enterprise with high pollution and high energy consumption;

The best small business loans:The enterprise has good credit standing

Most of important ,no adverse credit record in the commercial banks;

Or the annual inspection is qualified;

It has the necessary organizational structure, operation management system and financial management system.

It has the fixed basis and the place of operation, the legal operation, The ability to perform the contract and pay the debts.

The repayment will is good, there is no adverse credit record, Normal or non-financial factors affect the credit assets;

The business operator or the actual control person’s working experience is over 3 years, with good quality and no bad personal credit record;

The operation of the enterprise is stable,The service life is in principle over 2 years (inclusive)

,With at least one or more accounting year financial reports, At the same time the sales revenue of two years is increased,Compliance with national financial regulations and relevant provisions of the Bank;

Open a basic settlement account or a general settlement account in the application line.

Therefore, the loans of small enterprises must be planned in advance and the banks should be found well in advance. 

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